Using Leap Card on Bus Éireann


Leap Card can be used on Bus Éireann services in the following regions:

  1. Dublin and surrounding counties
  2. Cork city
  3. Galway city
  4. Limerick city
  5. Waterford city
  6. Sligo
  7. Athlone

Please note: Expressway services do not currently accept Leap Card.

Leap Card fares on Bus Éireann are 30% cheaper than cash single fares. You can also load a range of period tickets onto your card. Check out our fares section to find out about the fares and tickets in your region.

Using your Leap Card on Bus Éireann

 Leap Driver Icon
  • Tell the driver your destination and hold your Leap Card to the target on the driver’s ticket machine
  • The driver will deduct the correct fare from your Travel Credit, or if you have a pre-loaded ticket it will simply Validate.
 Sound Icon
  • You will hear a tone when you have successfully Validated your card

Visit for more details about using Leap Card on Bus Éireann services.

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