Auto Top-Up

Auto Top-Up is the easiest way to Top-Up your Leap Card. If you choose to enable Auto Top-Up, your Leap Card will automatically Top-Up with funds from your bank account whenever your Travel Credit balance falls below €10. You can choose to Auto Top-Up by €30, €40 or €50.

Important Note: You must ensure that you have sufficient funds in your nominated bank account at all times. The payment of a Top-Up is debited from your bank account within 5 – 10 days, provided your bank account has sufficient funds. If a direct debit fails due to your bank account having insufficient funds, your Leap Card will be blocked.

Note: It is currently only possible to specify an Irish bank account when setting up Auto Top-up. However, NTA is pleased to announce that we have been able to fund the final phase of the updates necessary to enable all customers with any SEPA compliant European bank account to sign up to Auto Top-Up. This enhanced feature will be implemented before the end of April 2018. In the meantime there are many other ways to top-up a Leap Card, including: using the NFC Top-Up app (for Android phones), or at a Leap Sales Agent, or at a Vending Machine at Irish Rail and Luas platforms.

Enabling Auto Top-Up

To enable Auto Top-Up on your Leap Card just follow these steps:

1.       Register your Leap Card (skip this step if your card is already registered)

2.       Sign in to your online account and select “Manage Auto Top-Up”. Select the Leap Card you wish to enable and click “Enable Auto Top-Up”. Then, fill in the online form.

Note – You will be asked to enter your bank account details including BIC and IBAN; Note: Your bank account must accept Direct Debits.

3.       We will transfer a small amount of money (e.g. 2 cents) into your nominated bank account. Included as part of this transfer will be a unique verification code. Depending on your bank, it may take up to 3 working days for this code to appear. Check your bank account transaction history and take note of the verification code. It will appear in the format: Leap-1234-87654321.

Once you have this code, sign in to your Leap Card online account and click “Manage Auto Top-Up”. Enter the verification code here.

4.       Activate Auto Top-Up as part of a normal journey by simply Touching-On the Validator as usual. It takes 2 to 3 days from the submission of the verification code for the activation to occur. Once activated, your Leap Card will then Top-Up automatically when you travel. You will receive an email advising you of each pending debit on your bank account.


Auto Top-Up FAQ’s

How long do I have to activate Auto Top-Up?

Auto Top-Up is a setting on the Leap Card itself. This means your Leap Card has to be updated and configured with Auto Top-Up before it can become active. Consequently your Leap Card will not be configured unless it is used to travel. If you do not use your Leap Card within 42 days of your original application your Auto Top-Up request will be cancelled.

How do I find my Auto Top-Up verification code?

As part of the verification process, Leap Card has transferred a small amount of money (e.g. 2 cents) into the bank account that you provided. As part of this transaction a unique code should appear on your bank statement.

The verification code will appear in the format: LEAP-1234-87654321

Note: verification codes are exactly 18 characters.

Enter these 18 characters exactly (including the “-” symbol) online in the “Manage Auto Top-Up” section of

How does Auto Top Up work?

Once you have signed up and activated Auto Top-Up, your Leap Card will automatically Top-Up with Travel Credit once the balance goes below €10.00. We will then direct debit your bank account.

We will also endeavour to send you an email notification in advance of the direct debit reaching your bank account.

Please note that if you receive an Auto Top-Up but the direct debit fails to collect the funds, your Leap Card will automatically be blocked.

How do I disable Auto Top-Up

You can apply to disable Auto Top-Up at any time through your online account.

Simply login to the website, select “Manage Auto Top-Up” from the menu and click “I want to disable Auto Top-Up for this card” and follow the onscreen instructions.

Note: Disabling can take up to 3 working days so it is possible that you could trigger another Auto Top-Up if you use your card and its balance drops below €10 in the meantime. To avoid this we recommend that you do a manual top-up to ensure that your balance does not go below €10. If you recently received an Auto Top-Up we may not yet have collected this payment from your bank account.

To confirm that Auto Top-Up has been disabled on your Leap Card, check your card history online. Once Auto Top-Up has been disabled you will see an “Auto Top-Up Disabled” entry in your history. Until you see this entry your Auto Top-Up may still be active.

How do I know that I have received an Auto Top-Up?

Keep an eye on your Travel Credit balance − we will automatically update it with your selected Auto Top-Up amount once your balance drops below €10.00. Your updated balance will be displayed on-screen.

If you are not sure whether you received an Auto Top-Up, you can check your balance and recent transactions at any Luas Ticket Machine, at any Leap card agent, or at any Irish Rail Ticket Machine where Leap Card can be used.

The following day you can also see a “Travel Credit Auto Top-Up” entry in your card history on We will also issue an email notification in advance of deducting the funds from your bank account.

Can I change my Auto Top-Up Amount?

No. Once you have setup Auto Top-Up you cannot change the Auto Top-Up amount. You can apply to disable Auto Top-Up and then reapply to enable Auto Top-Up with a different amount after the disable request has been fully processed.

How often can I pick up an Auto Top-Up?

You can only pick up one Auto Top-Up in any 5 day period. If you use up your Travel Credit within 5 days then you will have to do a manual Top-Up at any Leap Card outlet, Luas Ticket Machine, or Irish Rail Ticket Machine.

Will you notify me that you are about to debit my bank account?

We will display your current balance on the Validator screen as you Touch-On and Touch-Off. If you have received an Auto Top-Up, your updated balance will display. We will also endeavour to issue an email notification in advance of deducting the funds from your bank account

What happens if I change bank or bank account?

To change the bank account details associated with your Leap Card Auto Top-Up, first apply to disable the existing Auto Top-Up and then reapply to enable Auto Top-Up using your new bank account details.

If you are changing your bank account details make sure to disable your Auto Top-Up first, because if the payment collection fails your Leap Card will be automatically blocked.

What happens if the direct debit fails due to insufficient funds in my bank account?

If the direct debit fails due to insufficient funds, the system will automatically block your Leap Card. Your Leap Card will no longer be usable and you’ll have to send it to customer care to be unblocked.

To avoid this from happening you must ensure that there are sufficient funds in your bank account to make the payment. We will issue an email notification in advance of deducting the funds from your bank account.

How do I pay a failed Auto Top-Up payment & unblock my Leap Card?

A failed auto top-up payment can be settled on-line through the ‘Settle Auto Top-up’ function of your account. You may need to return your Leap Card to get it unblocked.

Can I suspend my Auto Top-Up or delay a direct debit?

No, you must apply to disable Auto Top-Up − we cannot delay or hold a direct debit that is in progress.

Can I set up Auto Top-Up on my Child’s card?

Yes – Auto Top-Up can be enabled on child 4-15 cards and child 16 – 18 cards .

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