Card Refund & Replacement

You must register your TFI Leap Card to request a refund or replacement card. If you haven’t already done so, register now to protect your card. Once registered:

  • Adult and Child TFI Leap Cards can be refunded or replaced (includes your €5 deposit)
  • Student Leap Cards can be refunded, but not replaced
  • Leap Visitor Cards cannot be refunded or replaced

Please note that we are no longer issuing cheque refunds. Anyone requesting a refund from outside the SEPA area may nominate the funds to go to the Red Cross, Focus Ireland, UNICEF Ireland and MSF – Doctors without Borders.

Requesting a Refund or Replacement for a Card

To request a refund or a replacement just login to your Account, select the ‘Refund or Replace’ option and follow the instructions. If you want a refund you will need to have your IBAN and BIC numbers to hand. Refunds can be lodged to any Irish bank account as well as other bank accounts in the SEPA region.

If your registered card is lost or stolen, it is important to request your refund/replacement as soon as possible. Once a card is reported lost/stolen it may take up to 48 hours for the card to be fully blocked.

Requesting a Replacement TaxSaver Card

To request a replacement for a lost/stolen TaxSaver TFI Leap Card just login to your Account, select the ‘Refund or Replace’ option and follow the instructions to get a replacement. Make sure you choose the replace option. Do not select the refund option unless you’re absolutely sure that’s what you want.

If you have not registered your card and do not know your card number, call us at 0818 824 824 and we’ll endeavor to help identify your card number so you can register it and request a replacement. In certain cases we may not be able to identify your old TFI Leap Card number and may require you to contact, via your employer, the transport operator from whom your ticket was purchased.

Faulty Cards

Sometimes a card can become faulty over time due to bending and general wear and tear. If you think your card is faulty you should always try to use it on another TFI Leap device to make sure the issue is with the card and not the device. If you’re sure it’s still not working you can login to your Account, select the ‘Refund or Replace’ option and follow the instructions.

Disputing a Transaction on a card

If you have a query regarding a particular transaction on your TFI Leap Card, we recommend that you login to your Account to view your ‘Card History’. If you still think your card has been incorrectly charged, please contact customer care with details of the incorrect charge or call 0818 824 824 and a member of the TFI Leap Card help desk will investigate the issue. Refunds for incorrect charges are only available up to 30 days from the day the transaction took place.