Learn how to log into your TFI Leap Card account

Using TFI Leap

Topping up your card

Download our Leap Top-Up App free! If you have an NFC enabled Android phone or an iPhone 7 or above, you can download the App which allows you to instantly Top-Up your TFI Leap Card, check your balance and collect tickets!


Auto Top-up is the easiest way to Top-Up your card with Travel Credit.


You can load Travel Credit or tickets onto your card:

  1. At TFI Leap Card payzone outlets
  2. At Luas, DART & Commuter Rail ticket machines
  3. On board selected bus operators including Wexford Bus, Matthews Coaches and Swords Express.
  4. Online; but please note, if you Top-Up online, you still have to collect your Travel Credit or ticket at either a TFI Leap Card outlet or another nominated load location.

What is a Load Location?

A load location is the point you nominate to collect your online top-up. You can choose:

  • Any TFI Leap Card Payzone outlet
  • Luas/DART/Commuter Rail validators and gates in the short hop zone
  • On board selected bus operators including Wexford Bus, Matthews Coaches and Swords Express.
  • Our Leap Top-Up App

Online top-ups can also be collected at any TFI Leap collection device regardless of the load location selected at the time of purchase. See Collection Device Locations for the locations of these collection devices.

If you are collecting your top-up at a Payzone TFI Leap Card outlet, present your card to the reader at the counter and ask for a balance check. Your online Top-Up will load and your new balance will update automatically. Remember, it can take up to 48 hours for your Travel Credit to be ready for collection at your nominated load location.

Using your card

Using your TFI Leap Card is easy. Just Top-Up and go!

If using Bus Touch On at the start of your journey only and if using Luas and Train Touch On AND Touch Off

Don’t forget to Touch-On before starting your journey to make sure your card is valid for travel. If you don’t Touch-On, you may be prosecuted for fare evasion. Always remember to Touch-Off at the end of your journey on Luas and DART/Commuter Rail. You should not Touch-Off on any bus service.


Registering your TFI Leap Card protects your Travel Credit or tickets it if it’s lost or stolen. Once you register, you can also see your transaction history and register for Auto Top-Up. You can also manage additional TFI Leap Cards through your account (e.g. your child’s card). Leap Visitor Cards cannot be registered. Please note, once you report your card lost or stolen it may take up to 48 hours for it to be blocked. Click here to register your TFI Leap Card now.

For details on fares, check out our fares section.