TFI 90 Minute Fare

The TFI 90 Minute fare now applies to most journeys made in the Dublin area on Dublin City Bus (operated by Dublin Bus and Go-Ahead Ireland), Luas and most DART, commuter rail (zones 1 to 4 in the Short Hop Zone) services.

The TFI 90 Minute Fares is just €2.00 for adults, €1.00 for young adults (19-23) and students, and 65 cent for children up to and including 18 years. There is also a short fare for short single trips.

In order to have a valid ticket to travel you must:

  • touch on before each bus journey
  • touch on before and touch off after each rail and tram journey

TFI Leap Card Fares

TFI Leap Card Fares Adult Young Adult (19-23)/


Child (5-15) and (16-18)
Short €1.30 €0.65 €0.65
TFI 90 Minute €2.00 €1.00 €0.65
X Services €2.40 €1.20 €1.00
Irish Rail Zone 5 €3.00 €1.50 €0.65
Irish Rail Zone 6 €3.90 €1.50 €0.65


The TFI 90 Minute Fare will be deducted at the start of the journey, and the second and subsequent journeys are free as long as you touch your card within 90 minutes of the first journey.

Yes, to pay the TFI 90 Minute Fare, the second and subsequent touch ons must be made within 90 minutes of the first one.

Yes, to pay the TFI 90 Minute Fare or short fare, a journey must be completed within the 90 minute boundary area. The 90 minute boundary will encompass the Dublin metropolitan area.

The short fares applies to a journey on any single route up to approx. 2km to 3km in length, so some variances will exist in relation to distances people can travel on the short fare. This is for a variety of reasons including the location of individual stops on the public transport network relative to fare boundaries and to the need to maintain fares consistency when routes use different streets depending on direction of travel.  .

The short fare and TFI 90 Minute Fare are a new fare structure that apply to TFI Leap on Luas and other transport modes. Cash zones and fares will be reviewed to move to the new structure in 2022.

The TFI 90 fare will be applied in this case. I you Touch-On to another Luas bus or rail service within Dublin within 90 minutes of first Touch-On, this journey will be free.

If you forget to Touch On at the Validator on the Luas platform before you get on a tram you will not have a valid ticket (a validated TFI Leap Card) for your Luas journey. If caught, you will receive a Luas Standard Fare Notice requiring a penalty to be paid.

The maximum fare, i.e. TFI 90 Minute Fare, will be charged