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How do I associate my Leap Card with my Just Eat dublinbikes account?

  • Existing members just need to log in to their account at and follow the on-screen instructions to associate a Leap Card with their existing account;
  • New members simply log on to where they will be requested to choose either Leap Card or Just Eat dublinbikes membership card. They will be taken through a number of easy to follow steps after which, their Leap Card needs to be validated for use at any one of the 101 stations across the city.

How do I assign a Leap Card to my GoCar account?

GoCar members click Add a Card in Access Card section of the app and choose a GoCar near them. When they are at the car, they select the vehicle and will have 60 seconds to hold their Leap Card to the card reader on the windscreen. Once confirmed, they can then use this card in future to access GoCar.

How do I report a faulty Leap Card Validator?

1) Report the fault to a member of staff if available, who will assist you further.


2) Contact the Leap Card Customer Support line on 1850-824824

What happens if I fail to touch on at the start of my journey?

You must have a valid ticket to travel. This means you must Touch On with your Leap Card at the start of each journey. If you do not have a valid ticket you will be issued with a Standard Fare Notice.

What is a Leap Card?

Leap Card is a re-usable smartcard that enables you to pay for public transport around Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Waterford and Wexford. It saves you carrying change and Leap Card fares are cheaper than cash tickets. Leap Card users in Dublin also benefit from smart discount features such as Capping and Leap 90 Discount.

What is travel credit and how does it work?

Travel credit works in a similar way to mobile phone credit. Every time you use the card to travel the cost of the journey is deducted. If there is no credit on the card it cannot be used for any further journeys until it is Topped Up.

If your card has a positive balance at the beginning of a journey, but not enough credit to cover the fare, your card will deduct the fare amount and go into a negative balance. When a card is in a negative balance, it requires a top up to allow you make further journeys.

What types of Leap Card are available, and where can I buy one?

The types of Leap Card available can be found in the Card & Ticket types section.

There are a number of different ways to get a Leap Card, to find out more see the where to buy a Leap Card section.

Where can I Top-Up my Leap Card?

You can Top-Up your card:


How do I Top-Up online?

1. Go to
2. Click ‘Top-Up’.
3. Enter your card number.
4. Select Top-Up amount and load location.
5. Make your payment by credit/debit card.
6. Collect your Top-Up at your nominated Load Location.
Online Top-Up for Dublin Bus and Bus Éireann users needs to be collected from the selected Load Location during the online process. Check out Auto Top-Up as it might be a better solution for your needs.

What is a “load location”?

A load location is where you nominate to collect your online top-up, as part of the online ordering/top-up process. You can choose to collect your online top-up at:

  • Any Leap Card Payzone agent
  • Luas validators
  • DART/Commuter Rail validators and gates in the short hop zone

If you are collecting your top-up at a Payzone Leap Card agent, present your card and ask for a balance check. Your balance should automatically update with your new top-up added.

Remember, it can take up to 48 hours for your travel credit to be ready for collection at your nominated load location. You cannot collect your online top-up from a different load location than the once selected during the online purchase process.

What is Auto Top-Up?

Auto top-up is the easiest way to top-up your Leap Card. To find out more about Auto Top-Up, click here.

Why should I register my Leap Card?

There are many benefits to registering your Leap Card. We recommend you register your card as soon as you receive it.  Registered Leap Card holders can avail of the following services:

  • Report your card as lost or stolen which will block your card and protect any un-used travel credit/ tickets*
  • View your registered cards’ transaction history
  • Apply for a replacement card free of charge**
  • Apply for a refund of card deposit***
  • Apply for a refund of any un-used credit/ tickets
  • Manage cards linked to your account (ie. your child’s Leap Card)

Register your card now

Once your card is registered, you don’t need to complete an online form for every online top-up

*You are liable for previous 48 hours transactions on your card from the time it was reported lost/ stolen

**Excludes Student and Personalised Leap Cards

*** Excludes Student Leap Cards



What is the Rail ‘Short Hop Zone’?

Your Leap Card can be used for rail travel between stations within the ‘Short Hop Zone’. This Zone includes all stations in the Dublin area from Greystones to Balbriggan and commuter Stations from Dublin City Centre to Maynooth and from Dublin Heuston to Sallins.


How do I view my travel credit balance?

If your card has been registered, you can view your travel credit balance in your online account as well as previous transactions on your card.

(It can take up to 24 hours for transactions to appear on your online account)

If you have an NFC enabled Android phone, you can check your balance on the Leap Top-up App. Just hold your Leap Card to the back of your phone.

You can also view your balance by asking for a balance enquiry at any Leap Card payzone agent or by placing your card in the card ‘pocket’ at any Luas/DART/Commuter Rail ticket machine and follow instructions on the ticket vending machine screen.

What if I run out of travel credit while travelling?

If you run out of credit while travelling, you need to top-up before you can use your card again.

You can use your card to travel if your card is in a positive balance, even if the balance does not cover the full fare. Your card will then go into a negative balance and will not work for subsequent journeys until topped up.

Eg: Balance €1.00

Fare: €1.40

Card will go into negative balance of -€0.40

Card will not work until topped up.

Card topped up by €5.00

Balance €4.60 (€5.00 minus negative balance of €0.40)

To see where you can top-up your Leap Card, click here.


How much are Leap Card fares?

Using your Leap Card to pay for your journey is generally at least 20% cheaper than paying for your journey in cash!

Check out Leap Card fares

What is Leap Card Capping?

Leap Card caps your travel credit spend, so once you hit an applicable cap you can travel for free on those services for the rest of the day or week. Click here to find out more about Leap Card Capping.

Why does my card not validate properly sometimes?

Validators may on occasion fail to identify the Touch-On / Touch-Off. It is up to the customer to ensure the card has been read successfully.

The main reasons for card failure are:

  1. Incorrect positioning of the Leap Card: If the Leap Card is not placed against the ‘target’ on the validator, it will not be read. Ensure that the card is held steadily against the ‘target’ on the validator until it beeps.
  2. Other smart card interference: Remove the Leap Card from your wallet or bag before using it. Other cards you may have in your wallet or bag can cause interference with your Leap Card, which will make it inoperable.
  • On DART and Commuter Rail, do not put the Leap Card into the horizontal paper ticket slot on a gate.
  • To ensure that your card is faulty get a balance check at any Luas or Irish Rail ticket vending machine or Leap Card Pay Zone agent. If you are able to get a balance (even if it is zero) then your card is not faulty.


What do I do if my card is lost, stolen or faulty?

If your card is lost or stolen and has not been registered, you cannot apply for a replacement/ refund. We recommend you register your card as soon as you receive it to protect your balance if your card is lost or stolen.

Once registered, you can apply for a replacement card or a refund, depending on your card type:

  • Adult and child cards can be replaced or refunded
  • Tax Saver Leap Card holders should contact their employer to request a replacement Tax Saver card from the relevant transport operator.
  • Student cards can only have travel credit refunded (not the €12 Student Card fee)

Simply log-in to your online account and follow the card refund/ replacement process.

Refunds can only be transferred to bank accounts within Single Europe Payments Area (SEPA). Leap Card customers who do not have a bank account within the SEPA region, can donate their Leap Card balance to charity.

I think I have been charged too much for a journey?

To avoid over-paying for a particular journey, you should ensure that:

  1. You remember to Touch-off at the end of your journey (if travelling by Luas, Dart/Rail).
  2. Check your transaction history on a regular basis – click here for tips on how to do so.

If you believe you were incorrectly charged for a journey using your Leap Card, you should contact the transport operator directly:

  • DART/Commuter Rail, Dublin Bus or Bus Éireann: please email or call 1850 824 824 and a member of the Leap Card help desk will investigate the issue.
  • LUAS: please call customer care on LoCall 1850 300 604 Open Monday to Friday 7am – 7pm and Saturday 10am – 2pm. Closed Sunday and Bank Holidays.

Refunds for incorrect charges are only available up to 30 days from the day the transaction took place.


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