Fare Capping


If you make lots of trips with your TFI Leap Card in 1 day or 1 week (Mon-Sun) on Dublin Bus, Go-Ahead Ireland, Luas, DART and Commuter Rail, we’ll automatically cap the price so you don’t spend any more than you need to. You can travel for free for the rest of the day or week on the applicable services once you hit a cap applicable to those services.

When you’ve reached the daily/weekly cap, continue to Touch On and Touch Off as normal. Travel Credit will not be charged on the applicable services after you’ve hit a cap.

Click on the table below to see which cap value applies to you:

Dublin City Bus Caps
Adult Student Child
Daily Cap €7.00 €5.00 €2.70
Weekly Cap (Mon-Sun) €27.50 €20.00 €8.50
Luas Caps
Adult Student Child
Daily Cap €7.00 €5.00 €2.70
Weekly Cap (Mon-Sun) €27.50 €20.00 €8.50
Dart & Commuter Rail Caps
Adult Student Child
Daily Cap €9.50 €7.00 €3.20
Weekly Cap (Mon-Sun) €37.00 €27.00 €12.50
Any combination of Dublin City Bus/ Luas/ DART/ Commuter Rail
Adult Student Child
Daily Cap €10.00 €7.50 €3.50
Weekly (Mon – Sun) €40.00 €30.00 €14.00

Please note: Capping applies to Dublin City Bus scheduled services including Xpresso. It excludes Airlink, Nitelink and Tours. Capping only applies to journeys taken by the card holder. If the card holder decides to pay for extra people to travel on Dublin Bus or Go-Ahead Ireland, this spend will be additional and will not be capped. Go-Ahead Ireland services in Dublin are included in capping.

Capping FAQs

What if I use more than one of the transport operators?

If you use a combination of Dublin Bus, Go-Ahead Ireland, Luas, DART and Commuter Rail, your travel credit use will be capped at the rate of the combined cap.

What time period constitutes a daily or weekly TFI Leap Card caps?

  • Daily Cap = first to last service on any given day.
  • Weekly Cap (Mon-Sun) = first service on Monday to last service on Sunday.

What services are excluded from capping?

Airlink, Nitelink and Tours are excluded from capping.

How can I work out how much I’m saving?

The amount you save depends on how many trips you make and what those trips are. To work out your savings add up all your TFI Leap Card fares during a Daily or Weekly (Mon – Sun) time period and subtract either the Daily or Weekly Cap amount.

What if I use my TFI Leap Card with other transport service providers?

Your TFI Leap Card will calculate the total value of your journey in the relevant period & automatically apply the relevant cap.

How does capping work?

The system adds up how much travel credit you’ve used on the applicable services on a given day or week and then it stops taking any more once the applicable cap value is reached.

Is there zonal capping on Luas, DART/Commuter Rail?

No, the cap rates for Luas covers travel through all Luas zones. The Cap rates for DART/Commuter Rail cover travel through all DART/Commuter Rail stations in the short hop zone.

Why did the system deduct less travel credit than normal from my card?

You were probably near the applicable cap value for that day or week. For example, if you are using an adult card and have already spent €6.00 on Luas in a given day and you take one more journey, the system will only deduct €1 in order to bring you up to the cap level of €7. Once the Cap has been reached all further Touch On and Off values should be €0.00 and no further credit deducted from your card.

What happens when I reach a cap?

When you get close to a Daily or Weekly cap you will only be charged the amount to bring you up to the cap. After you have reached a cap you will be charged €0.00 for subsequent travel that day or over the Week (Mon-Sun).

What if I hit the Weekly Cap (Mon-Sun) before the Daily Cap?

Sometimes the Weekly cap (Mon – Sun) amount may be reached before the Daily cap. The Weekly cap (Mon – Sun) adds up the credit used each day and may be reached before the Daily cap towards the end of the week. In these cases the amount deducted from your card will stop at the Weekly cap (Mon – Sun) value. This is normal and all subsequent travel is free until the end of the week (last service on Sunday). Once you reach the cap value, you are required to Touch On and Touch Off as normal in order to have a valid ticket.

I’m unsure how much travel credit was deducted from my TFI Leap Card?

You can view your last 5 transactions on a Luas, DART or Commuter Rail Ticket Machine. You can view your last 50 transactions in your travel history if you sign in to your online account. It takes approximately 24 hours for your most recent transactions to appear in your online account.

The Leap Top-up App also shows your last 5 transactions and how close you are to hitting a cap.

Where can I get more information or ask a question?

Get in touch with us using these contact details;


Low Call 1850 824 824

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