Learn how to log into your TFI Leap Card account

Using TFI Leap Card on Dublin Bus

TFI Leap Card can be used on all Dublin Bus scheduled services, including Xpresso and Nitelink in Dublin. TFI Leap Card fares are at least 20% cheaper  than cash single tickets. For details on fares, check out our fares section.

You can also benefit from TFI Leap Card Capping and Leap 90 Discount when using Travel Credit to pay for your trips. These discounts are applied automatically, so all you need to do is Touch On when entering the bus as usual.

Using Travel Credit on Dublin Bus

For journeys 13 stages or less tell the driver your destination and hold your TFI Leap Card to the target on the driver’s ticket machine. The correct fare will be deducted for your journey.
For journeys over 13 stages /  Nitelink use the Validator on the right hand side as you enter the bus. The appropriate flat fare will be deducted from your Travel Credit (fares valid as at 01/12/17):

  • Over 13 stages – €2.50 adult; €1.00 child (over 7 stages)
  • Xpresso – €3.00 adult and €1.26 child
  • Nitelink – €5.29
You will hear a tone when you have successfully touched on. Do not touch off when using the bus.


Rambler Tickets

You can also load any of the following Bus Rambler tickets onto your TFI Leap Card at any TFI Leap Card outlet (prices valid as at 01/12/18).

  • Rambler 5 Day Adult €33
  • Rambler 30 Day Adult €165
  • Rambler 5 Day Student €24
  • Rambler 30 Day Student €120
  • Rambler 1 Day Family €15

Rambler tickets are valid for consecutive or non-consecutive days of travel. They are valid on Dublin Bus scheduled services including Xpresso (excluding Nitelink, Tours, Special Events and Private Contract services) and on Go-Ahead Ireland services in Dublin.

Please not from 1st January 2021 Rambler tickets are not accepted on Airlink.

A Rambler Ticket may suit you if you take more than 2 buses in a day and if you travel infrequently e.g. 3 days during one week and then 2 days during the next week. If you travel 5 days or more in a week, you may be better off using Travel Credit instead of Ramblers; as fare capping will cap your weekly spend on Dublin Bus and Go-Ahead Ireland at rates less than the 5 day Rambler. The choice is yours!

If you have purchased a Rambler ticket for your TFI Leap Card, you validate on the right hand side when you get on the bus.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ramblers

Present your TFI Leap Card to a sales assistant in a TFI Leap Card outlet and they will load the ticket electronically to your card.

There is no change to the way you validate your ticket. Simply hold your card on the Validator on the right hand side as you enter the bus. Check the screen on the Validator to see how many days you have left to use.

If you have Travel Credit on your card, you can approach the driver and ask for a single fare instead of using your Rambler.

After 8PM, if you have not already used a Rambler ticket during the day, the validator on the right hand side will validate using the Travel Credit instead of the Rambler ticket on your card (if you have Travel Credit). If you’d rather use your Rambler for the first time after 8 PM, ask the driver to select to validate your Rambler instead of your Travel Credit for you.

Visit www.dublinbus.ie for more details about using your TFI Leap Card on Dublin Bus services.