TFI Local Link Louth Meath Fingal

TFI Leap Card can now be used on Local Link Louth/Meath/Fingal on Route 196 – Knocksedan to Swords. Leap Fares on Local Link are 25% cheaper than cash single tickets.

Local Link Single Fares
Cash Fare Leap Fare
Adult Single €2.00 €1.50
Child Single €1.00 €0.75

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TFI Leap Cards can be topped up using ticket machines available at selected stations and at Payzone Leap agents around the city.

You can find a full list of agents in your area here.

And if you’re not near a TFI Leap agent, you can download the Leap Top-up App onto an NFC-enabled Android phone or iPhone 7 and above and top up directly from your phone.

Please note: No other TFI Local Link route currently accepts TFI Leap Card.

Using your TFI Leap Card on TFI Local Link

  • Hold your Leap Card to the target on the driver’s ticket machine
  • The driver will deduct the correct fare from your Travel Credit.
  • You will hear a tone when you have successfully Validated your card