NOW dublinbikes

You can associate a TFI Leap Card so that it can be used with NOW dublinbikes, enabling new and existing NOW dublinbikes members to use the services with just one smart card – their TFI Leap Card.

This initiative won’t allow people to pay for their NOW dublinbikes trips from their TFI Leap Card account but it will allow them to hold their registration details for both schemes on one card.

Your customer account for NOW dublinbikes will continue to be the source for payment for annual memberships and 3-day ticketing and for each bike trip taken which incurs a cost.

Associating a TFI Leap Card so that it can be used with NOW dublinbikes is very simple for both an existing or new member of the bike share scheme:

  • Existing members just need to log in to their account at and follow the on-screen instructions to associate a TFI Leap Card with their existing account;
  • New members simply log on to where they will be requested to choose either TFI Leap Card or NOW dublinbikes membership card. They will be taken through a number of easy to follow steps after which, their TFI Leap Card needs to be validated for use at any one of the 101 stations across the city.



Can I have a NOW dublinbikes Annual Card and a TFI Leap Card associated with my account at the same time?

No – you can only have one card associated with your account at any given time, either a NOW dublinbikes Annual Card or a TFI Leap Card.

What can I do to avoid ‘Card Clashes’?

When taking out a bike at a station terminal NOW dublinbikes card holders should hold their associated card (Bike-share membership card or TFI Leap Card) up to the card reader on its own, and not in a wallet or purse containing other cards to avoid potential ‘card clashes.’  Holding a purse or wallet up to the reader will likely result in a message saying that their subscription is not associated with their card and they will not be able to proceed due to interference from other cards.  If a member is receiving this message even after removing their card from a wallet or purse, then they should contact the dublinbikes Call Centre on 1850 777 070.

Can I pay for my NOW dublinbikes membership card annual renewal, 3-day ticket and bike journey costs at ?

No – you will continue to use to pay for all costs relating to usage and membership.

Will I use for any service relating to NOW dublinbikes?

No – for convenience TFI Leap Card just allows you to use the one card for journeys taken on covered public transport modes and the dublinbikes scheme.

Can NOW dublinbikes affect the balance on my TFI Leap Card e-purse?

NOW dublinbikes has no access whatsoever to the e-purse on your TFI Leap Card. You cannot make payments to NOW dublinbikes via your TFI Leap Card. The card is used solely for identification purposes to identify the holder as the NOW dublinbikes account holder in conjunction with your PIN. Any queries in relation to your TFI Leap Card Purse balance should be addressed to TFI Leap Card Customer Care 1850 824 82.

What should I do if I lose my TFI Leap Card and it is associated with NOW dublinbikes?

You will need to request a replacement TFI Leap Card, this can be done through your online account, see the card refund and replacement page for all the details.

You also need to contact NOW dublinbikes to remove your lost card association, contact numbers are – 1850 777 070 or 01 424 7605.